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Cheras is a suburban in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. A large part of it is housing estates with businesses from small to mid size and several well-known shopping malls catering to local residents. Cheras is almost entirely accessible by public transportation such as buses, LRT and MRT trains.

In the 1980s as Kuala Lumpur became a Central Business District with more and more high-rise buildings, housing became expensive for local folks. Lands were scarce in the city. Housing estates started to develop beyond the city boundaries. Cheras becomes one of the most sought after suburban areas to live in. It's proximity to the city made it attractive for locals to stay in while they commute to work in the city.

Cheras is also famous for local foods, especially street foods in the famous night markets called 'pasar malam'. The most well-known night market is located in Taman Connaught.

The MRT train line runs along the Cheras main road that connects the city all the way to Kajang. Along this route, many developments are coming up to cater to the demand of locals wanting to stay nearer to the city centre where jobs are abound. At the same time, these developments are also attractive to investors because of the connectivity with MRT that can yield good rental income, compared to those located in the inner parts of Cheras.

2 Bed | 1 Bath Apartment
550 sqft
1 parking bay
Security & CCTV
13 Facilities
200m to MRT Station
RM 250,000 Nett
Open to Malaysians aged 21 years & above
Requires LPHS approval
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