About Us

A first-timer's property buying experience is very important. We understand the fear of buying the wrong property and burdened with loan instalment. Our aim is help our clients make informed decisions so that they pick the right property. We can help first time property buyers avoid unpleasant experience from the very beginning by guiding them in setting goals, selecting the right strategy and executing their property purchase plan.

We make it convenient to compare options and make decisions. We are excellent listeners. Understanding a buyer requirements is our very first step. We help our clients research on suitable options and present these options with accuracy and clarity, providing consultation with honesty.

Our philosophy is life-long learning. We will always endeavour to learn new and creative ways to help our clients achieve their property goals. We educate our clients to make the right choices.

We help our clients find their dream home. Do you have thoughts of buying your first property? We invite you to share with us. Please click on this link to begin your guided experience and journey with us towards owning your first property.


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What is your interest?

Not sure if you can afford to buy your first property?

We can help with that. We work with registered mortgage advisors to determine your purchasing power. By doing this, your credit reputation is preserved because they can help reduce bank rejections by submitting loan applications that banks will likely approve. This is a free service and we encourage you to take it up. 

We also work with a conveyancing legal advisor on real estate matters. Some of our clients buy their first property to let out or to sell for profit. Understanding the basic legal matters pertaining to rental and sale of property is good knowledge for all property owners.

1. The process of letting / selling a property.
2. Estimated legal costs when letting / selling a property.
3. The implications of Real Property Gains Tax when selling a property.