First Time Home Buying Part 1/3 : Part 1 Preparing To Buy

Preparing To Buy

Preparing to buy your first home? Yes, preparation is key! A lot of millennials think owning a home is near impossible. I disagree. With proper planning and guidance, I have helped millennials succeed in preparing to buy their first home. As a result, they have successfully achieved their goal in owning their very own first home!
I have put together a 3-part series with tips on owning the very first home. It may be intimidating, only if you are unprepared! Let’s go through some of the steps so you will have an idea how to prepare to buy own your very first home!

Preparing to buy your first home.

Set Home Buying Goal (Why)

  • Are you buying for your own stay?
  • Will you be staying with your family?
  • Do you want to buy it as an investment for the future?

Determine what sort of home suits your purpose because this will help you to have clarity. It will be easier for you find the right property that fits your purpose.

Preparing to buy your first home. Set Home Buying Goal.


Determine Budget

What is the amount you can afford to pay monthly

  • Loan instalment
  • Maintenance & Utilities
  • Insurance

This step helps you map out the expected costs including the additional costs which many first time home buyers miss. This will also help to map out a savings plan.

Preparing to buy your first home. Determine Budget.

Start Saving Early

  • Save the amount required
  • Form a saving habit
  • Use for down payment

Now that you have the expected cost, it is time to save! Have a saving plan that you are able to follow and maintain until you reach your goals.

Preparing to buy your first home. Start saving early.


Stay tuned for Part 2: The Buying Process, where I will share what to look out for and common mistakes by first time home buyers.

Stay tune for Part 2, the buying process.

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